Book Review Judo – Trainer-C-Training Test

The book Judo Trainer-C-Training is the reference book for all aspiring trainers C Judo Trainers and those who already are. It accompanied me during my six-monthly training and still serves me as a preparation tool for lessons.


This book contains the basic framework for the training of trainers in the German Judo Federation. These materials, supplemented with the practical topics of the training, represent a handout that provides the budding judo trainers with the necessary examination knowledge.

The book has been developed by experts who are aware of the requirements of the trainer practice and pass on their proven solutions and experiences.

In Judo – Trainer-C training, all relevant topics of the examination and the later practice of a judo trainer are discussed.

In addition, this book is also dedicated to the medical aspects of judo training. Topics such as general fitness, effects on the support and musculoskeletal system as well as injury prophylaxis are dealt with. This book paves the way for the successful completion of the Trainer-C-Training and the knowledge imparted here remains a helpful reference work even after the training.

Another relevant aspect of Trainer C training is the right motivation of the students. The legal and financial questions of a trainer are also explained in this book.

All topics covered are further deepened by examples, concise memorabibments, possible mediation methods and questions.

This book paves the way for the successful completion of the Trainer-C-Training and through the knowledge imparted here it remains a helpful reference work even after the training.


Ralf Lippmann as one of the German judokas. He has been a judo era since 1970 and holds the 6th. Dan. As a former national and Bundesliga fighter, he is now on the road as a coach and speaker in the DJB.


The book deals primarily with the methodological structure and the long-term training planning. Different training group compositions (including heterogeneous groups) are discussed. In addition, important information on the basics of the training theory and in general the physical training (strength training, nutrition, energy, fitness, fitness, coordination, gymnastics) can be found in the book itself. It refers to the training content specific to specific judo and not judo, such as Uchi-komi and Fallschule. Another exciting topic is the area of motivation and education. You certainly know from the training also one or the other little Rabaukenkind, which is not easy to motivate to training. There are methodologies in the book to motivate them and to influence performance federations. The last topic is the Organize and Manage section. So in the long term at the club, a coach also becomes a member of the board and thus an administrative task. There are some clues to this in the book.


The classic of Trainer C training. Belongs at the latest at the beginning of a Trainer C training in the sports bag. Is also a good long-term reference for some theoretical basics of the training design and the training philosophy. Absolute purchase recommendation!

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Author: Jan