DanRho Judo Suit Dojo-Line Judo-Gi in test at judowear

The DanRho judo suit "Dojo-Line Judo-Gi" is considered a classic in our club and is especially ordered for children and teenagers. The suit is a very good judo gi for judo beginners due to its ideal ratio of price/performance.

Key figures

  • 100% cotton
  • Available in sizes 100 – 200 cm
  • Pants with rubber waistband and lacing
  • Lightweight version (425g/sqm)
  • A white belt is included

Processing and durability

The top makes a good impression. The rice grain weaving makes a very stable impression.

It is very good that the trousers have a rubber band. This simplifies the Judo Gi organization especially for children.

So far, I have not received any reports regarding the ripped jackets or trousers.

Fit and washing recommendation

The suit is between 5 – 10 cm depending on the size. At 30 degrees rather 5cm. This can also be used wonderfully to adapt the suit to your own body shape. If it is washed hotter, it runs in more.

I have collected some general information on the washing and care of judo suits here.

Conclusion and price

Solid suit for beginners and amateur athletes. Very light and well processed. Very attractive in terms of price but not a premium product.

At Budoten the suit can be ordered from 24€ (click here).
Matching belts (click here)

Author: Jan