IJF Competition Rules 2022-2024

In the video linked above, Neil Adams names and explains the new rules for the 2022-2024 Olympic cycle. We have written down the most important points for you and noted the times in the video, where you can still look up the corresponding information and explanatory competition situations.

In detail, he makes the following statements:

  1. Selection procedure and qualification opportunities for participants in championships (World Championships, Olympics)
  2. Changes to Judo-Gi (see video from 4:07 min)
    1. Both sides of the jacket may now overlap at the level of the belt up to a maximum of 25 cm (previously: 20 cm)
    2. The jacket must cover the butt of the judoka extensively and protrude at least 5 cm above it.
  3. For actions that are interrupted – even briefly – no rating will be assigned (see video from 6:12 min)
  4. Actions in which Uke lands at a 90° angle on his side or even further towards his back are rated Waza-Ari.
    It does not matter whether the elbow / arm comes to lie in front of the abdomen or behind the back. (see video from 8:18 min)
  5. Actions in which Uke lands on one shoulder and (!) also the upper part of the back are evaluated with Waza-Ari.
    Both for 4.) as well as for 5.) the positions of the hip and shoulder are to be considered
  6. Landing/propping up/supporting by Uke on/with
    1. both elbows
    2. both hands/arms
    3. One hand and one elbow each results in
      a Waza-Ari for Tori and a Shido for Uke. (see video from 11:34 min)
  7. Loosening the handle with an immediate attempt to grasp again is permitted and will not be punished. (see video from 18:23 min)
  8. Loosening the handle without the subsequent attempt to grasp again is punished with Shido.
  9. The unsolicited opening of the belt and hair is allowed once per judoka and fight. Next time a Shido will be given. (see video from 19:00 min)
  10. Head diving (e.B. Uchi-mata with "turning off" the head on the mat) is immediately punished with Hansoku-make. (see video from 20:20 min)

Author: Jan