Judo Suit Review Ippon Gear Fighter Legendary

After some time of silence, we get back with a review of the judo suit Ippon Gear Fighter Legendary. For the test, the Ippon shop provided us with the suit of its house brand.

Our test was carried out with the SlimFit model of the jacket and trousers in size 185. An advantage of the suit at the front: Jacket and trousers can be purchased separately from you – in the so-called Mix & Match procedure.

Key figures

  • 75% cotton, 25% polyester, trousers 100% cotton
  • approx. 730 g/sqm material thickness
  • Jacket and trousers can be ordered individually (Mix & Match)
  • dense weaving, sanforated (tissue was mechanically compressed to ensure dimensional stability)
  • Available in sizes 140 – 205 cm incl. intermediate sizes
  • Available in white, blue or black
  • There is the normal cut and SlimFit
  • Pants were reinforced at the knees
  • Pre-shrunk ( minimizes run-in)


Processing and durability

The Fighter Legendary is based on the fighter's fit and the Legend's quality claim. You can see this right from the time you unpack the suit. From the first moment, the suit feels loose on the skin, does not scratch or cramp and makes every movement. The jacket is not too short cut, but long enough, so that even with the new rules of dress code, not to cause stress on the mat with every "mate", because you first have to put the Gi under the belt again.

Only with the trousers we noticed minor flaws. If you want to go into detail, you might be disturbed by a few seams where either threads end and new ones start or the fabric has not been lined 100%. However, these details do not affect durability.

All in all, the processing can be described as very good. Smaller compromises can be taken if necessary for details of the pants. No major defects are noticeable, the fabric is tear-resistant as well as the seams. The jacket fabric is very low elastic, which is particularly advantageous when fighting handles. The weave is very fine, which also brings advantages in wearing comfort and grip combat. The most important parts of the jacket and trousers were sewn double-layered. Overall, we consider the durability to be very good.

Fit and washing recommendation

The suit is pre-washed, i.e. pre-washed, and is indicated with an inlet rate of 1-3%, which we can confirm after the first wash at 30° (full detergent without other additives). We could not see any significant changes in the test gi. The fluctuations were in the range of 10-15 mm, so that with the naked eye no change was really noticeable. This is very good news compared to a not inconsiderable number of other judo gis, because many jackets had already run out after the first wash- because of too short arms. And that's very annoying.

We were particularly surprised by the fit. The suit was made as for the tester (see pictures) and was right in length and width for both the jacket and the trousers.

The Ippon shop employees had obviously done the best job and brought their experience, according to the measurements of the test person. For those who need an approximate guideline, here is the information on the exact dimensions:

Size: 188 Cm

Weight: 82.5 medical history

With these values you can do nothing wrong with the size 185 (SlimFit).

When unpacking and the first inspection, it was noticeable that the Gi was unfortunately not provided with a washing recommendation. For us from judowear.de not such a big problem, because this is not the first time we have washed a judo gi.

The tested suit does not have a red IJF label, but on average meets the current specifications.

We have compiled some general information on the subject of washing and care of judo suits here.

Conclusion and price

If you are looking for a great and confident suit for competitive or training use, the Ippon Gear Fighter Legendary is very well advised. For cost reasons, a red IJF label is dispensed with. If you are not currently on the road at international competitions, you will have your joy with the judo suit. The price/performance ratio is very good.

Author: Jan