Judo Suit Review Ippon Gear Fighter

The Ippon Gear Fighter judo suit is one of the first models of the Ippon Shop's own brand. In the test at judowear, the judo-Gi was more than convincing. The detailed test report below.

Key figures

  • 75% cotton, 25% polyester, trousers 100% cotton
  • approx. 730 g/sqm material thickness
  • Available in sizes 140 – 205 cm incl. intermediate sizes
  • Jacket and trousers can be ordered individually
  • Different colors available (white, blue, green, yellow, black, red [nach Anfrage])
  • Slim and normal model available
  • narrow cut
  • Pants were reinforced at the knees
  • Pre-Shrunk


Processing and durability

The workmanship of the fighter is very reminiscent of the adidas models I know like the Champion II. What stands out is the wider lapel compared to the champion. As you can already see in the pictures, the suit looks visually very appealing and feels the same! The fabric makes a very good impression – very soft and not easy to grip due to its waisted fit.Certainly, the fit and lightness of the suit takes some getting used to for some judokas. As with the Champion, the weight is about 730g/sqm.

The shoulder badges were embroidered into the judo suit. The processing appears very clean.

The trousers make a good impression. The hem is neatly sewn, the knees reinforced.

I can't say anything about durability at this time. I will provide this information. If you have already gained experience, please let me know! Since the workmanship is very good and the fabric is similar to that of the adidas Chamion II, I assume a very long shelf life from a fabric point of view.

Fit and washing recommendation

The Judo-Gi is just like the adidas model pre-washed and runs only about three cm. This info is important because the suits often fit perfectly before washing, but are too small afterwards. Recommendation according to the manufacturer is at 175cm height the size 170cm. I am 172cm tall and weigh about 82kg. For me, the suit in size 170 was a perfect fit.

The suit is available as a slimfit version.

Comparison of the normal model with the slim model (here)

The slimfit variant is identical to the normal version. Only at the waist the circumference is smaller. We tested the size 170 slim on a judoka that has 66kg – with the result that the suit fits perfectly. I don't fit in against that. I provide pictures of the size difference.

Some general information about washing and care of judo suits I have collected here.

Conclusion and price

If you are not fighting in international competitions and are looking for a body-focused and lightweight suit, the Ippon Gear Fighter is well advised.

I will soon deliver pictures of the suit in other colors. We, the judokas in my club, liked the judo suit so much that we chose it as a team suit for the Oberliga 2017. Here, the price-performance ratio is just right!

I hope you like the review of the judo suit. Do you have your feedback for us? Just leave a comment!

Author: Jan