Long-term experience judo suit DanRho Kano in test

In 2012 I was looking for a good and heavy judo suit that I could use for competitions. Back then a lot of my choice on the DanRho Kano size 175 cm in white. After a good four years of use, I would like to give some feedback today and lose some words in the form of a long-term test.

Key figures

  • 100% cotton
  • Available in sizes 140s – 200m cm
  • Trousers with lacing
  • Heavy design (900g/sqm)
  • Reinforced lapel
  • Embroidered DanRho Logo


Processing and durability

As you can see in the pictures, the suit is no longer new. After almost exactly four years of regular use, however, this is not to be expected otherwise. If you look at the overall state, I'm still very happy with the Gi. He has no major quirks etc. the pants are not ripped.

Two places are particularly noteworthy: the lapel and the hem of the trousers. The lapel now begins to fray slightly after four years. I know this from other suits after just one year. As DanRho claims, the lapel seems to have been reinforced once again. In my opinion, this is true! The second thing I would like to draw attention to is the hem of the trousers. He looks frayed because my pants have been sewn over. Therefore, this is no longer the original seam.

The logo of DanRho on the shoulders has been embroidered and shows no signs of wear to this day. The collar is very stiff. Overall, the judo suit is a middle way from the old tanks (Moskitko) and the super soft mizuno and adidas judo-Gis. The armpit has been specially reinforced.

The workmanship is absolutely top for this price range and equates with more expensive premium suits (adidas, mizuno, …)! The fabric is at 900g/sqm, which certainly requires getting used to. However, I find this weight to be beneficial, especially in training. In itself, the fabric is a bit rougher than at adidas. However, no synthetic fibres were incorporated for this purpose. Which, in my opinion, is conducive to long-term comfort.

Fit and washing recommendation

I am 172cm tall and weigh an average of 80kg. At that time I ordered at budoten the size 175cm in order to be able to wash it hot (60 degrees). But then the trousers had to be sewn over. The jacket fits perfectly. I can say that the suit goes in about 5cm when washing.

It is certainly also exciting that DanRho offers this model in the intermediate sizes S and M.

I have collected some general information on the washing and care of judo suits here.

Conclusion and price

After four years, my faithful companion is still in regular use. For the price, both the white and the blue model is an absolute standard for competitors, where you can't do anything wrong. Another advantage is that trousers can be purchased individually.

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Author: Jan