My experience with Bodyweight Training

I have been active in the world of work since 2011. As many of you know for sure, it is often no longer easy to exercise regularly and to get really busy after a busy day.

In addition, there is often a travel activity that throws every structured training program just so confused. In addition to training with other judo clubs at the "place of use", there is often not much left.

Gym? Run? Yoga?

I have to admit that I'm absolutely not the runner and yoga – let's face it. I wasn't born for that either. Whether agility is good for judo or not is a matter of time. But have you ever tried a real sun salute?

What are the alternatives?

Through a recommendation in a book, I came to Mark Lauren's 90-day challenge for men in 2016. A bodyweight challenge by a former US Army instructor with German roots.

At Christmas 2016, I let myself be given the gift of getting started with the ulterior motive in 2017 – no matter where I am.

That's the plan!

On 8.1.2017 we finally started. After reading some pages in preparation, I started the first workout right. Since the book is divided into three difficulty levels and I read diligently, I knew how to start with level 1 of the first training "EVAL". Warmup, four exercises in circular training and cooldown. Every workout has the same framework: warmup and cooldown. Essentially consisting of mobilization and stretching exercises.

The first days have it in them and are extremely painful. It only helps insignificantly that Mark appeals to keep regeneration hpases. On these days he gives tips and tasks on nutrition and general topics. In addition, there are some standard recipes in the book that should be used as a basis for daily food intake. Especially if you haven't dealt with protein-rich foods yet. Because: If you want to build muscle, you need the right nutrients and that's partly the case. high levels of proteins.

Now that I have already arrived at day 75, my first interim conclusion is: Horny!

I feel fitter, am stronger and narrower at the same time as I haven't been for a long time. If I don't do a training for a day, I already feel so extremely energetic that I can install a little intermediate training 🙂

Not everything in the book is perfect. BUT: It offers a great setting to be able to do sports again regularly and everywhere without excuses. At the same time, the training effects are enormous. A holistic approach that also encourages reflection and offers great tips for everyday life.

The first three friends in my circle of acquaintances, to whom I recommended the book, are currently suffering with me in the daily challenge – so could the feedback be more positive?

Due to the different training intensities and possibilities provided by the Challenge, an absolute purchase recommendation.

Support me with my work and use the links below to watch Mark Lauren's 90-day men's challenge on Amazon and, if necessary. increase.

Source cover: SUPERFROG Triathlon

Author: Jan