Really taping in judo

Anyone who has been doing judo for a long time knows that in judo sport it is not possible to tap in the long term. In particular, however, there is the problem that they at least know how to get a proper die.

Why do I tape?

Tapen is basically about stabilizing or fixing individual joints and areas in order to prevent injuries or. to cure it. Skin abrasions can also be prevented or the handle on the partner's Judo Gi can be improved.

Which tape do I use?

There are many types of tape on the market – in all sorts of variants. What is important are the following things:

  • Always buy wide tape
  • Use good tape, even if it's more expensive.
  • Never save on the tape set

As can be seen in the following videos, tape can be ripped down very easily in length. The wide (usually 3.75 cm) tape costs relatively less and is more versatile.

I can recommend the tape Leukotape classic. All the other ones I tested (ALDI, Mueller, …) couldn't keep up with the adhesive performance and durability. Please make sure that the tape is not too old when buying. Leukotape classic costs less than ten euros for cheap sources of supply.

How and what do I tape?

In the long term, everyone develops their own method in order to tap well. I've collected some tips for beginners.

Fingertips tap

Taping the fingertips is especially important for injuries to the nails or to improve the grip.

Finger taping


Toes taping

Ankle taping

What can I do wrong?

When taping, you have to be careful on too tightly wrapped tape. The tape must never interfere with blood flow. Also correctly attached tape, does not provide 100% protection against injury.

Author: Jan