adidas Champion II judo suit in test and long-term experience in judowear

After wearing my adidas J930 for a little over five years and some traces of usage were visible, I thought I could treat myself to a new suit. The new suit was to be the adidas Champion II due to its fit and workmanship.
I have the Judo Gi in use for almost exactly three months now and can now give a first detailed feedback on it.

The adidas Champion II judo suit in test at judowear!

Key figures

  • 75% cotton, 25% polyester
  • 730 g/sqm material thickness
  • In sizes 150 – 200 cm incl. Intermediate sizes available
  • Slim and normal model available
  • IJF License (from 2015, red label)
  • narrow cut
  • Pre-washed


Processing and durability

The workmanship of this suit is absolutely top and in my opinion belongs to the absolute professional suits. The fabric is durable and soft, not too thick (730 g/sqm). I am an absolute fan of the new suits, which can only weigh up to 750 g/sqm due to the IJF. This allows an increase in mobility. I cannot support the objection of calling the suit a "rag" at this weight.

The adidas badges are embroidered. The shoulder logo is nourished, but makes a very good and durable impression.

Side note: The suit was developed in collaboration with judo professionals. And yes, Ilias Iliadis won a gold medal in 2014.

Fit and washing recommendation

Often you have the problem with a suit: it fits perfectly, but what does it look like after washing? adidas now has the perfect solution. The suit is delivered pre-washed. This ensures reliability. In the end, I chose the size 170 (172 cm tall, 80 kg heavy), because the suit fit perfectly without washing. At the first washing at 40 degrees, it hardly has a noticeable run-in and fits perfectly. The manufacturer's indication that the suit enters 1-3 cm seems to me to be sufficiently confirmed. Also worth mentioning is that the trousers also fit perfectly and it is the first suit I could wear completely from the "rod".

The cut of the suit is body-stressed. I think that's great, but you should know it before you buy it, as some people probably won't be satisfied with it. Less fabric due to the body-stressed cut, in reverse also means less attack surface for opponents.

You have to be careful with this suit when using washing additives. The adidas shoulder logo has faded over time in some suits in the past. Therefore, I recommend that additives be dispensed with as far as possible.

Conclusion and price

Top suit for a high price. If you enjoy judo and start at international competitions, there is hardly any alternative for you. If you are travelling in the hobby area, you can treat yourself to something and buy this suit. I have not regretted it and love the light weight that has made me, subjectively speaking, twice as fast. The wearing comfort is very good.

I will present an alternative about half as expensive in the next few days. Be excited!


adidas Champion II normal in white on Amazon

adidas Champion II normal in blue on Amazon


adidas Champion II slim fit in white at budoten 

adidas Champion II slim fit in blue at budoten

adidas Champion II national team slim fit in white at budoten 

adidas Champion II national team slim fit in blue at budoten

Possible variants adidas Champion II slim fit at budoten


Author: Jan