DanRho Judo Belt Review

The DanRho Judo Belt is a classic among the Kyu belts. Below you will find some data and long-term experience about him. A detailed test is not necessary for this belt.

Key figures

  • All Kyu colors available
  • Quilted several times
  • The width of the belt is approx. 4 cm

Processing and durability

We have used the belt in all colours and variants very often in the club and have not had any negative experiences with it so far.

Fit and washing recommendation

For this purpose I have created a post in the wiki selection of the right judo belt. Belts should never be washed.

Conclusion and price

As I said, the DanRho Judo Belt is a classic that definitely gets a purchase recommendation from me. For beginners, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this belt.
If you value individuality, you can also have the belt embroidered directly at the time of purchase via the budoten Link.

Monochrome belts

DanRho competition belt at budoten (individual embroidering possible)

Intermediate belt

Buy belts directly from Amazon

DanRho belt with color stripes at budoten (individual embroidering possible)

Author: Jan